【Kumano Sanzan in winter】Healing nature and hot springs in a world heritage sacred place/【冬の熊野三山】世界遺産の霊場で幽玄な自然と温泉に癒される

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Full of power spots! "A sacred place of resurrection" where the gods subside.


Every summer and winter, I have a place to open my mind and body. That is Kumano Sanzan. It is one of the sacred sites in the Kii Mountains that straddles Mie, Wakayama, and Nara. Since the “Kii Mountains sacred place and the Sanshi-do” was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2004, it has become world famous. It also won three stars for “Michelin Green Guide Japon”.

Anyway, there are power spots and hot springs scattered all over the place, and it is a mysterious land where you can be healed both physically and mentally. I think that it is enough to go once, but it is interesting that there are discoveries no matter how many times I visit. The summer is good with a mysterious atmosphere, but the winter when the scene of "wabi-sabi" stands out is good.



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Kumano Hayatama Shrine/熊野速玉大社

【View】Spirit stone "Gotobiki Rock"/霊石「ゴトビキ岩」

Kamikura Shrine, my favorite place, is famous as a power spot.


When I cross the Taikobashi and enter the shrine, I am always amazed at this steep stone step.


No matter how many times I go up and down, at first I will feel the liver cool down. But as I walk, I'll get tips.


Men run down the stairs at the "Oi Festival" held every night on February 6th. It ’s crazy! However, it is a historical festival that has been going on for over 1400 years. There are many celebrities who have participated in the past.



There are about 500 stone steps. There is a flat area where you can take a break, and there are gentle steps from there. Take a break.


However, there are many local people who go up and down every day, and there are also strong people who can climb in 5 minutes. Incredible!


Arrived at the top. In the upper right, you can see the “Gotobiki Rock”, the sacred body of the Kamikura Shrine. By the way, “Gotobiki” seems to be a toad.


The Kumano gods are said to have descended to this rock first.


From the top, you can see the city of Shingu, the Kumano River mouth, and the Pacific Ocean. Just looking at this view, there was an armor climbing. My heart is washed.


By the way, I saw the sun rising from the Pacific Ocean many times here. Very best! It is a noble time that you can never taste in the city.


【Sacred place】Kumano Hayadama Shrine/熊野速玉大社

Aderss:〒647-0081 和歌山県新宮市新宮1番地/1 Shingu, Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture

Kamikura Shrine, my favorite place, is famous as a power spot.


The gods descended at Kamikura Shrine were beaten by Kumano Hayatama Shrine,  and because they built a new company, they came to call this place “Shingu(The meaning of a new palace)”.


【View】Shingu Castle Ruins/新宮城跡

Aderss:〒647-0081 和歌山県新宮市新宮7691-1/7691-1 Shingu, Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture

After you stop by Hayatama Shrine, it is recommended to stop by at Shingu Castle Ruins.


The photo shows Kumano Ohashi that connects Wakayama Prefecture and Mie Prefecture.


At the mouth of the Kumano River, the Pacific Ocean is on the right and it's a beautiful view.


Kumano Hongu Shrine/熊野本宮大社

【Sacred place】Kumano Hongu Shrine/熊野本宮大社

Aderss:〒647-1731 和歌山県田辺市本宮町本宮1110/1110 Hongu, Hongu-cho, Tanabe-shi, Wakayama

About 30 minutes by car from Kumano Hayatama Shrine. There are various places called “Kumano Shrine”, but this is the main shrine of 3,000 Kumano Shrines nationwide.



Unlike the shrine's gorgeous vermilion structure, it is a cypress building full of loneliness. In a harsh atmosphere surrounded by a deep forest, your spine stretches quickly. And I feel very calm.


It is usually a very quiet place, but it is crowded with people visiting during the year-end and New Year holidays. Weekdays are recommended if you want a sense of mindfulness.


【Hot spring】Yunomine Onsen/湯の峰温泉

Aderss:〒647-1732 和歌山県田辺市本宮町湯峯110/110 Yunomine, Hongucho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture

If you go to Kumano Hongu Taisha, let's go to Yunomine Onsen for about 10 minutes! This is Japan's oldest hot spring that has been opened since 1800.


The hot spring itself is also attractive, but personally I love making boiled eggs here. I bring eggs and a laundry net to make boiled eggs. By the way, a nearby store sells eggs with convenient nets.


This is a boiled egg for about 7-8 minutes. Slightly semi-ripe and preferred hardness.


This open space where anyone can make hot spring eggs is popular, and there is always someone. The conversations there are also fun.


【Hot spring】Watarase Onsen/渡瀬温泉

Aderss:〒647-1733 和歌山県田辺市本宮町渡瀬45-1/45-1 Wataze, Hongucho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture


Watase Onsen is famous for "Watase Onsen Large Open-air Bath". It's beautiful and open, so it's a great place to talk with friends while having a long bath.

渡瀬温泉は、「わたらせ温泉 大露天風呂」が名物。きれいで開放感もあるので、長湯しながら女子トークするにはもってこいです。

【Hot spring】Kawayu Onsen/川湯温泉

Aderss:〒647-1717 和歌山県田辺市本宮町川湯/Kawayu, Hongucho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture

Kawayu Onsen where hot water springs when you dig the bottom of the river. In winter, a large open-air bath with a dammed river appears. Its name is “Sennin buro”. Children are particularly happy.




By the way, the public baths at Kawayu Onsen are good quality and cheap, so I sometimes make day trips with local residents.


【Sacred place】Kumano Nachi Shrine/熊野那智大社

Aderss:〒649-5301 和歌山県東牟婁郡那智勝浦町那智山1/1 Nachisan, Nachikatsuura Town, Higashimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture


A thick and fine cedar tree boasting deep greenery and a mossy stone pavement. Famous for its 800-year-old “Meoto Sugi(married cedar)”, “Daimonzaka” is a place where you will want to walk many times. Good inspiration and ideas may come to mind.


After walking up Daimonzaka, you can climb the stairs of Nachi Taisha Shrine and you will see Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine and Seigantoji. It is unusual for a shrine and a temple to be built next to each other.




The view of the combination of Nachi Falls and Triple Tower is a classic.


An old road to go down to see Nachi Falls from the Triple Tower. Here, you can also feel as if you were back in time during the Heian period.


Hirou Shrine, the separate palace of Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine. The shrine of this shrine is the waterfall boasting the highest drop in Japan at 133m.



Although it is winter, the amount of water is small, but in summer when there is a lot of rainfall, it is even more powerful.

Here too !/ここもおすすめ!

【Hot spring】Ryujin Onsen/龍神温泉

Aderss:〒645-0525 和歌山県田辺市龍神村龍神/Ryujin Village, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture

Last year, I went to the “Ryujin Onsen” located almost in the center of Wakayama.


Ryujin Onsen, which was protected by Yorinobu who was the first Lord of Tokugawa in Kishu(Wakayama Prefecture) during the Edo period. Since then, it has been developed as a bathhouse for successive lords. The building with the atmosphere of the photograph is the “Kamigoten Honkan” of the inn. It has been used as an inn dedicated to successive lords.


This is the “Big Three Hot Springs” lined up in “Kawanaka Onsen” in Higashi Agatsuma-cho, Gunma Prefecture and “Yunokawa Onsen” in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. In spite of its name, the skin should be smooth after taking a bath.


The Kumano region is perfect for leaving my daily life and calming my head and mind. It's a prescription for returning to me.



-Gokigen Journey

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