【Utsumi Gama】A wonderful container I met in Matsuura City, Nagasaki Prefecture/【宇津美窯】長崎県松浦市で出会ったごきげんなうつわ

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I want to travel to my heart's content.




It's not famous, but it's a wonderful container that I unexpectedly encountered while traveling. This time, I will write about the container of kiln "Utsumi Gama" that I use while muttering "I want to go to Nagasaki again soon".

Chic, warmth and individuality/シックも温かみも個性も兼ね備える




I learned about the "Utsumi Gama" container when I was traveling in Kyushu. I met at the "Umi no Furusatokan Fishing Village Experience Learning Facility" like a roadside station that I happened to stop by in Matsuura City, Nagasaki. Only the two cups below were placed in that place, but the moment I found them, I remember the blood rushing at first sight.



It's a little hard to see in the picture, but these delicate flowers are not painted, but finely carved by hand.
The nuanced gray color, the delicate patterns created by delicate handwork, and the warmth and texture unique to hand-carving. Such charms are united, and although it is simple, it has a sophisticated appearance.

These are the containers I found again when I visited the workshop.


I liked it so much that I wasn't satisfied with just two cups, so I decided to check the kiln and call. Then, fortunately, people came and the workshop was open! It was said that there were works other than the teacups, so I immediately headed to the workshop, saying, "I'm going to visit you!"

It is a container that can be served not only with Japanese food but also with Western food.


I think the location of the workshop was about 10 minutes by car from the "Umi no Furusatokan Fishing Village Experiential Learning Facility", but there is a workshop at the end of a narrow mountain road. So, "(as on Google Maps) do I really get there?" I remember feeling a little lonely.

工房には、湯のみ以外の魅力的な作品が本当にたくさんあって、どれにしようかすごく迷いました。 飛行機の手荷物で持ち帰るのに、当時は小さめの作品を選んだけれど、今度行くときは大きなうつわもほしい!と楽しみを温めてます。


There are so many fascinating works other than teacups in the studio, and I was really wondering which one to choose.
By the way, the whole picture of the one-wheel insertion pattern looks like this. It has a cool appearance, but it is very expressive.

The base is Karatsu pottery/唐津焼がベース




The work made in Utsumi Gama is an original work based on Karatsu ware. Karatsu ware is pottery made in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture. It is designated as a national traditional craft. My first impression is that it is "cool and astringent." The coolness of Utsumi Gama's work is probably due to the atmosphere of Karatsu ware and the sense of Mr. Matsuguchi, the kiln maker.

You can buy it here./ここで買えます



If you are interested in Utsumi Gama's work, I recommend you to go to the workshop. By the way, if you make a reservation in advance, you can also experience the potter's wheel. However, since it is an irregular holiday, it is safe to make a phone call in advance, such as whether the workshop is open when visiting.

Phone: 0956-72-1990/Mobile: 090-5284-6836

Aderss:〒859-4507 長崎県松浦市志佐町庄野免399-2/ 399-2 Shonomen, Shisa-cho, Matsuura-shi, Nagasaki



The place where I met the work of Utsumi kiln. There were plenty of local products.

Aderss:〒859-4507 長崎県松浦市志佐町庄野免226-30/226-30 Shonomen, Shisa-cho, Matsuura-shi, Nagasaki

Here too!/ここもおすすめ!

【Gourmet】Nagasaki Champon "Kouran"/長崎ちゃんぽん「香蘭」

Aderss:〒857-0863 長崎県佐世保市三浦町21-28/21-28 Miura-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture


Before heading to Matsuura City, I had lunch in Sasebo that day. I went to Nagasaki Champon's "Koran" for the first time. Speaking of Nagasaki Champon, "Kouzanrou" in Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown is very famous. I love it, too. However, I've heard rumors about "Koran" for a long time, and I've always been interested.


As the reputation says, it's insanely delicious. It's next to the station (or under the station?), So I thought it was full of tourists, but the locals came to the store one after another, and I knew that it was loved by the locals.

【Gourmet】Sasebo Burger "Log Kit"/佐世保バーガー「ログキット」

Aderss:〒857-0047 長崎県佐世保市矢岳町1−1/1-1 Yadake-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture


This time I went to "Kouran", but when it comes to lunch in Sasebo, I've always been to the main store of Sasebo Burger "Log Kit". I love the burgers that are perfect for eating here. By the way, although I have never been there, it seems that there is also a branch office at Sasebo Station.

【Power spot】Catholic Tabira Church/カトリック田平教会

Aderss:〒859-4824 長崎県平戸市田平町小手田免19/19 Oteda, Tabira-cho, Hirado-shi, Nagasaki


After stopping at Matsuura City, I first stopped at Hirado City. I prayed a little in the temple and was healed in a quiet time. The beautiful brick temple, which is designated as a national important cultural property, and the statue of Maria with a gentle face are also impressive.

【View】Hirado Ohashi/平戸大橋

Aderss:〒859-5121 長崎県平戸市岩の上町/Iwanouecho, Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture


A nostalgic red bridge that I passed when I crossed Hirado Island. It was a nice sunny day, and when I opened the car window and ran, I felt refreshed and awesome. This photo was taken in the park just across the bridge. Even if an amateur takes a picture, it can be taken coolly.

【Power spot】St. Francis Hirado Xavier Memorial Church/平戸ザビエル記念教会

Aderss:〒859-5152 長崎県平戸市鏡川町259-1/255-1 Kagamigawa-cho, Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture


A Catholic church with an impressive Gothic roof. Adjacent to three temples, it is famous as "a landscape where you can see the temples and churches". I visited there a few years ago, but it was one of the most famous tourist attractions in Hirado, and even though it was a weekday, there were many tourists.


By the way, the garden with "Maria of Lourdes" is planted with Japanese trees such as pine trees, and has a unique atmosphere that can only be found here.



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