【NOUSAKU/能作】Tin liquorware "NOUSAKU" that melts alcohol /お酒がまろやかになる器「能作」

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Fashionable and functional tin vessel


When saying "a vessel that makes me happy every time you use it", it may be a bit overblown, but I encountered vessel that is a little happy every time I use it in 2014. It is a fashionable craft brand "NOUSAKU" using tin (tin). I met in 2014 and since then I have been to fans. Takaoka city, Toyama Prefecture. Although I visited the site once, it seems that the headquarters moved when I visited again in 2018. A very good and wonderful space greeted me. Moreover, there are outlets that can not be purchased unless you go there, you can experience casting production! I am looking forward to the next visit again.

This time I recorded about the travel of Toyama and Takaoka in September 2018.




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This is fantastic!/ここが素敵!


Aderss:〒939-1119 富山県高岡市オフィスパーク8-1/8-1 Office Park, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture

I still collect small castings of "NOUSAKU" little by little, because it is more functional than being stylish. Why is tin excellent as a vessel? I will write about the reason why I am attracted.


Purify water/水を浄化する

Tin has been used as a liquor machine in Japan since long ago. Since tin has a high ionic effect, it is said that "adsorb impurities and purify water". The unpleasantness of water and sake are eliminated, it becomes a mellow flavor. If you want to enjoy mildness firmly, it is recommended that you put water and sake in a tin container, wrap it and let it sleep for about 1 hour.


Heat conduction is excellent/熱伝導が抜群にいい

It is also characteristic of tin that excellent heat conduction is excellent. So you can enjoy cold things cold and warm things warmly. For example, if you want to enjoy a cool chilled sake, I enjoy chilled sake of kinkin, not only alcohol but also chill out in a refrigerator to liquorware. Midsummer, this is the best happiness.


Antibacterial effect/抗菌効果がある

Tin is also antibacterial. Because heat conduction is also good, bring tin dishes to serve cold dishes. If you cook in a refrigerator and arrange it like carpaccio, you will enjoy the carpaccio that is still cold on the table. Oh yeah, I also patronize it as a flower vase.


Rust resistant/錆びにくい

It is also characteristic of tin that it is hard to corrode as it is hard to rust. Of course, it is an important instrument, so after washing the hands I am trying to wipe with a soft cloth, but I am glad that you do not have to be too nervous. It is the attraction of tin that you can use without any hesitation, just using it.


Even though it is a casting, it has softness/鋳物なのに柔らかさがある

The casting craft has a cool appearance, but on the other hand there are truly hardness and coldness unique to minerals. However, the tin craft has somewhat softness. That should be that, in fact the feel is soft. As shown in the picture below, you can bend easily and change shape.


By the way, these three tin dishes are "syoryu" brand. It is not a product of "Noh", so I can not buy it even if I drop in at a shop of Noh. Please have a look as we are introducing it under "Here too! / Recommended!" As well.

ちなみに、これら3つの錫のお皿は、「syoryu」というブランドです。「能作」の商品ではないので、能作のショップに寄っても買うことはできません。下の「Here too!/ここもおすすめ!」でも紹介しているので見てくださいね。

Outlet items can only be bought at here/アウトレット品を買えるのはここだけ

Products of "NOUSAKU" can be bought at Toyama station or department stores in major cities, but please go to the new headquarters if you go. I can feel the view of the world of "NOUSAKU", and I can only buy outlet items here. There was also a corner where you could experience casting production. Its name is "NOUSAKU LAB". I did not have time this time, but when I go this time I would like to make my own original work.

能作の商品は、富山駅でも主要都市の百貨店でも買えるのですが、行くなら新しくなった本社にぜひ行ってほしい。能作の世界観が感じられるし、アウトレット品はここでしか買えません。鋳物製作が体験できるコーナーもありました。その名も「NOUSAKU LAB」。今回は時間がなかったけれど、今度行くときは自分オリジナルの作品を作ってみたい。


For example, this time, I bought chopstick rests and dumpling outlets. Price is ↓ like this ↓. It is roughly 30% OFF. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of outlets on that day. I am looking forward to the next visit again.

Square chopstick restraint: regular price 1,620 yen ⇒ Sale price 1,134 yen

Liquorware(Ochoko): regular price 3,456 yen ⇒ Sale price 2,419 yen


四角い箸置き:通常価格 1,620円⇒セール価格 1,134円

ぐい吞み酒器:通常価格 3,456円⇒セール価格 2,419円

This route /今回のルート

This time, I visited a friend living in Takaoka city. Among them, I will record another spot that can say "Here was also good!"


1.)Move from Takaoka city by a car/高岡市内から車で移動→

2.)Road Station"Ameharashi"/道の駅 雨晴→

3.)Kosakai Beach/小境海水浴場→



6.)Pear farm of Kureha/呉羽の梨農園→

7.)Supermarket"Oosakaya"/大阪屋ショップ 佐野店→

8.)Kuruma liquor store/車酒販→

9.)Shouhachi/炭火焼 庄八

Here too!/ここもおすすめ!

【View】Road Station"Ameharashi"/道の駅 雨晴

Aderss:〒933-0133 富山県高岡市太田24番地74/24-74 Ota, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture

It is here that we stopped by driving while watching Toyama bay. Outside is good but inside the building is also good. I'm going to spend all day reading books.


【Handcrafts】"suzugami" of craft brand "syouryu"/syouryuの「すずがみ」

Aderss:〒933-0847 富山県高岡市千石町4-2/4-2 Sengokumachi, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture


The tin dish "Suzugami" introduced earlier. The craft brand is "syouryu". I would like to have as many pieces as a beautiful pattern created from craftsmen's hands.



【Handcrafts】"Ancient foil" by Hakuichi (Himi store)/箔一(氷見店)の「古代箔」

Aderss:〒935-0004 富山県氷見市北大町25-5/25-5 Kitaomachi, Himi City, Toyama Prefecture

At the craft shop in Himi-Banyagai, "This watch of the casting is really cool!" It was the first time she got spooky. Actually, it was a foil product, not a cast.

The craft brand is famous for Kanazawa "Hakuichi". The head office is located in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture, but there was also a product placed in a shop in "Himi-Banyagai" where I came.

Especially my eyes gazed at the series "Kodaihaku(ancient foil)" which looked like casting. I was just looking for a cast wall clock, but this is so light and texture is cool like a cast! The price was also cheap at about 5,000 yen so we decided immediately.




I do not dislike foil products in the atmosphere such as "The traditional crafts!", But "ancient foil" is moderately modern essence is nice. It is said that the way of shining differs one by one with special processing by a craftsman. I like the unique gradation and unevenness feeling very much. Thanks for the new encounter! I also bought a nice lunch box with a gradient of foil.


【Handcrafts】momentum factory Orii

Aderss:〒933-0959 富山県高岡市長江530/530 Nagae, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture

Actually I was aiming at the wall clock of "Orii" 's casting until I purchased an "Kodaihaku" watch. But this time it was not my fault, so next time. A craft that aged the casting with the hands of a craftsman is drawn to a unique beauty.

出典:momentum factory Orii



Aderss:〒935-0004 富山県氷見市北大町25-5 ひみ番屋街東の番屋2/25-5 Kitaomachi, Himi City, Toyama Prefecture Himi Banya-gai East Banya 2

Pick up the raw oysters at "Himi-Suisan" in "Himi-Banyagai". I love raw oysters, I have eaten a lot in all over Japan, but I can not readily see rocks that are so big and taste like milky. I can not understand this impression unless I experience it.


There are 600 yen, 800 yen, 1,000 yen for each oyster rank, and this time we chose 800 yen. I was impressed enough by this, but this time I will do homework with 1,000 yen oysters.


【Gourmet】Pear farm of Kureha/呉羽の梨農園

Aderss:〒930-0142 富山県富山市吉作4614-3/4614-3 Yoshizukuri, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

Sweet and rich and pear of fresh Kureha. There are numerous farm direct selling streets on this street. I got a lot of delicious pears cheaply.


Supermarket"Oosakaya" Sano store/大阪屋ショップ 佐野店

Aderss:〒933-0826 富山県高岡市佐野1256-1/1256-1 Sano, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture

Supermarket in the field. We got a lot of goods unique to Toyama such as sake, miso, soup stock, rice balls, kamaboko. Especially surprised is that "Pure Rice Ginjo" paper pack sake was placed. Besides, what kind of package is fashionable. It was delicious as usual and destroyed the image of "Sake of paper pack" brilliantly.


liquor shopKurumaya/車屋酒店

Aderss:〒933-0871 富山県高岡市駅南4-12/4-12 Ekinan, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture

Here is a liquor shop for witnessing a friend. We were able to procure unusual and delicious local sake for home.


【Gourmet】Shouhachi/炭火焼 庄八

Aderss:〒933-0023 富山県高岡市末広町8-43/8-43 Suehiromachi, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture

It is a shop located 5 minutes walk from Takaoka station. My friend took me as "I'd definitely want to show you around here." Surimi dumplings and white shrimp sashimi etc are all really delicious! Next time I visit Takaoka, I definitely want to come back again. I was told from a very young young lady general, "Because the crabs are delicious, please come back in the cold season."


Among the sake, the above three brands were particularly delicious and shrunk. The smell is so rich that they want to drink in wineglasses. By the way, "Hayashi" is not on the market. The wholesale shop is also limited, it is exactly "illusion of alcohol".



Noukaya-Rinnoaka(Junmai-ginjo)/苗加屋 琳赤(純米吟醸)



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